Tuesday, June 14, 2011

purpose of it

Life is like many things.
Like a flower that blooms as it gets older only to die eventually or it could be like clouds that slowly pass by and shade our eyes from the sun's ray. No matter what it is like, we find out purpose eventually. It may not come as quickly as others but when we find it, we are filled with a sense of knowing ourselves finally. Many choose their purpose as a path of a career, to help better others life. while others tend to stray away from good purpose and make it their life to ruin others. At one point or another, we come across people who want to help along with come across those who don't. We may also find people who remind us of clouds that slowly float on by or remind of us flowers just waiting to bloom to show what they are capable of.
Unlike many, I have found my purpose in this life.
To help others with their problems and their emotions, to keep them from hurting themselves along with others. I have found a career for such a purpose and plan on pursuing it. My purpose will always be to help others in their time in need, no matter the cost, no matter the time or day or when it is. I've always made it clear to friends and others who come across me. I honestly even have strangers at time approach me for help because they have no one else to turn to.
No matter what kind of purpose we will always find our own. Though the chance of finding someone with the same isn't rare. We should appreciate what goes on in life because it is honestly like a road, leading us to ourselves and giving us a purpose.

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