Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What is love?

Some can say its one thing, while others can say its something completely opposite. People have their own definition of love and what it is about, what must be done to find it and what must be done to keep it; but what about those who feel lost because they can't seem to find their right match?
Truth is, no one should rush into love, nor should they seek it in a desperate attempt to have someone by them.
Love will always find those who wait, find those who aren't blind to it and definitely find those who accept it. Love has no shape, no age, nor form or no true gender. Love can be found through friends, through crushes that tend to turn into more and love can also be found in family. Everyone wants some kind of love but what is done to get it, is what matters.
Love can also be near or far, the distance between two people can be seen as a test; a test to show how far two people would go to be together and what they'd do to stay together. Many say long distance always fail's but there are people who would easily say "It can work out"
Like my mother always told me "It takes two to tango"
Sadly, many believe love isn't worth it nor is it even existent. That all there is, is pain and heart break. I honestly don't blame people who don't want love. I've been there, after trying long distance and even near; only for it to fall apart made me think, love just isn't for me.
Though I try to avoid it and refuse to love again, I couldn't help but fall for someone who reminded me what it felt like to have my heart skip beats and overall, make me smile and happy.
So, what is your definition of love? What would you do to keep it?

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